About the Owner


Courtney Smiley, MS, CCC-SLP

Courtney is a graduate of the University of Washington with a Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology. She is an ASHA certified member, serves on the Washington Speech-Language-Hearing Association (WSLHA) Board as Treasurer, and is passionate about professional development. Over the course of her career, Courtney has worked with students ranging from developmental preschool - 12th grade and has served nearly every type of special education classroom. With years of experience working in the public schools as an SLP, Courtney understands the needs of both school districts and SLPs. This understanding was applied while developing our business model in order to make us a highly desirable company to work for and with.

In her spare time, Courtney enjoys spending time with her best friend and husband, Nick, and their new baby boy, William (Wim). She also loves hiking in the beautiful NW, sharing meals with family and friends, visiting her nephews and nieces, going to the gym, long walks, and volunteering through her church.

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Employee Testimonials

Hayley Saccareccia, CFY-SLP

"To say that working with Courtney and Smiley Speech Therapy has been a positive experience would be an understatement. Courtney goes above and beyond to ensure SLPs are supported on a personal and professional level. She is authentic, motivated, and receptive. She continuously checks in and is readily available should you need any help troubleshooting. I feel valued as an SLP and as a person, and I am so grateful to work with this company. I highly recommend Smiley Speech Therapy for any and all Speech Therapists in the Greater Seattle Area!"

Emma Perry, CCC-SLP

"After my first school year working for Smiley Speech Therapy, it was an easy decision to sign on for another year. Previously, I was employed through a large therapy company, and the difference between my previous company and Smiley Speech Therapy has been astounding. Working with Courtney, I truly feel that she is dedicated to my growth as a therapist. Courtney listens to my goals as a therapist, recommends professional trainings and conferences, and makes attending trainings easy. Whenever I have questions or concerns, I can always count on Courtney for help."

Tiara Cox, CFY- SLP

"Working for Smiley Speech is one of the best decisions I have made! As a clinical fellow, I continually feel supported by the company. Courtney is an excellent boss and mentor-- she is eager to offer both encouragement and guidance. Her expertise as a fellow SLP is evident through her well-informed support and recommendations. I would highly recommend working for Smiley Speech Therapy."

Kylee Osowski, CCC-SLP

"Having worked for nationwide contract companies in the past, I can't stress enough how wonderful it was to sign on with Smiley Speech Therapy. Recruiters at larger agencies do not understand what we need as therapists because most of them do not have the experience, whereas Courtney is in the profession. She is continuously checking in, making sure I have all the support and materials I need to be successful. It is apparent she cares about her employees as a whole. I would recommend Courtney to anyone!"

Treisha Wan, CFY-SLP

"I am so grateful to be a part of the Smiley Speech Therapy team! I relocated to the Seattle area from New York for my CFY.  I feel like I am getting the guidance and support I need. Courtney is incredibly encouraging and knowledgeable. I know that I can come to her for a brainstorming session about students and ask any questions I may have about navigating the school setting as a new clinician. She ensures I have access to resources and trainings to develop my skills. I value her professional and clinical insight she draws from her own experiences. Courtney's caring personality radiates in her passion for the field, the company and her employees." 

Danielle Colwell, CFY-SLP

"When I first heard about the opportunity to contract locally with Smiley Speech Therapy instead of directly hire for a district, I was hesitant. Now I realize it's the best career move I could have made! Not only am I supported like a direct hire employee by my district, but I also have the benefit of collaborating with my amazing Smiley colleagues and fantastic owner Courtney who is only a phone call or short drive away. Working for Smiley Speech is truly the best of both worlds, I get to work in a school setting without having to constantly advocate for my needs because the company supports me in ways a school district can't. I am truly thankful to have found Smiley Speech Therapy and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for this wonderful company!"

Employee Testimonials Continued...

Emily Steenbergh, CCC-SLP

"It has been a pleasure working for Smiley Speech Therapy. I have felt supported personally and professionally by the company. As an SLP, I appreciate that professional development is encouraged and funded. I have been able to attend conferences that have enabled me to provide better treatment for my students. This company strives to put their employees and the people that they serve first."

Colleague Testimonials

Mariette Nascimento, CCC-SLP

"Having completed all of my undergraduate and graduate coursework in Speech Pathology alongside my favorite Husky “study buddy” Courtney, I can attest to her passion and dedication for the field of Speech Pathology and providing services to children in the public schools.  She brings excitement, knowledge, and a full heart to any goal in life, whether it is personal or professional. Four years after our graduation, she persuaded me to attend a continuing education course with her and we re-lived how our friendship formed – around a shared passion to help others communicate (paired with lots of laughter and coffee).  I can’t say enough about what an amazing friend and dedicated therapist Courtney is!"

Mona Best, CCC-SLP

"I've known Courtney Smiley for several years now.  What I've found unique about her is the ability to blend the SCIENCE of providing intervention for communication disorders with the ART of designing programs that are creative and engaging for all ages!  Her expertise sets her apart as a speech-language pathologist!!  And her warmth distinguishes her as a person who truly cares!!" 

Emalee Manns, CCC-SLP

"As a relatively new clinician, I had the pleasure and privilege to work alongside Courtney who served as a mentor to me, offering guidance and encouragement that were invaluable in my second year as an SLP in the schools. Courtney shared many of her strategies for infusing research based interventions into real life practice. Her kind and positive nature shine through every facet of her personal and professional life, from connecting with students to communicating with families and team members." 

Whitney Hammar, M.Ed, NCSP, School Psychologist

"Courtney is a fantastic SLP and dedicated professional. She delivers research-based interventions tailored to her students' individual needs. She is collaborative, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable about speech & language services, as well as special education overall. Courtney has my highest recommendation." 

Theresa Guerrero, Middle School Special Education Teacher

"Courtney is very thorough and knowledgable about strategies used in her speech therapy, and I feel incredibly confident in her ability to explain her therapy approaches to families. She is also an SLP who really looks at the big picture when deciding what to prioritize as she formulates IEP goals for students."